Safe natural dog treats

We use dog treats for lots of reasons – for training, rewarding good behavior, for healthy teeth or just to keep them best-safe-natural-dog-treatsoccupied. Giving our dog treats have significant impact on their behavior and their relationship with us. That is why we should make sure that the are safe and natural dog treats.

We love our pooches and we want the best for them but we were misled for very long time by big companies that we trusted them and we chose popular products over quality. Our dogs were fed poor quality treats full of chemicals and other harmful substances that leads to unhealthy and shorter life.

In fact 9 out of 10 dog health issues are caused by poor diet, that’s why I decided to share some information on safe natural dog treats with you!

What are safe natural dog treats?

Safe natural dog treats are grain free, wholesome, healthy and nutritious. They are low in calories ( up to 20 calories per treat) and they have just a few ingredients which are good quality.

You won’t find any weird looking words on the back of the packet as it doesn’t contain damaging chemicals (binders,coloring, preservatives and other additives. You want to also check that the treats are manufactured either in USA, EU or Canada where the treats are highly regulated and must meet strict requirements.

Why should you consider natural dog treats?

Healthy and happy dog leads healthy, happy and long life! Your dogs coat will be shinier, teeth whiter, breath smell not as appalling and most of all, you dog will love you for it!

Lots of processed unnatural treats are high in fat and sugar. Research recently completed by Direct Line Pet Insurance reveals that many dog treats are far higher in calories than a Big Mac burger and that is a lot of calories!

Some treats are so small, we tend to give our dogs more than we should, that’s why it is so important to look at the calories and fat content. If you can’t see the information on the packet or you think it is written in alien language, don’t buy it!

Yes, they are more expensive but think in long term. You won’t pay high sky vet fees if you dog is healthy right? And you can spend more lovely and healthy years with you furry baby.

The best safe natural dog treats

1. Himalayan Dog Chews  

– made from hard, natural yak’s and cow’s milk, salt and                  himalyan-dog-chews                 lemon juice

– less than 1% of fat

– high in protein

– low in lactose

– no added coloring or chemicals

– long-lasting chew which provides mental stimulation

and exercise and also clean teeth

– comes in different sizes

I usually buy them from Yakers Dog Chew

My dogs love it and it lasts for ages!


2. Natural cows ears

– low in fat                                                                                                cows-ears-for-dogs

– high in protein

– great for dogs that need to watch their weight

– air dried for best flavor

– bacteria tested

– another long-lasting treat that is great for keeping

dogs teeth and gums healthy

I buy them from Hollings – Natural Dog Treat Cows Ears ( pack sizes of 3,10 or 50 pieces)

Keeps my dogs content and happy!


3. Natural Pig Ears

– odorless                                                                                                    pigs-ears

– tasty

– thick hide and density

– easily digestible

– high in fat so not recommended for daily chewing

– long-lasting chew which provides mental stimulation, exercise and           also clean teeth

– no added coloring or chemicals

Another natural treat that my dogs just love! I buy them from Brutus & Barnaby whole pig ears!



Where can you buy safe natural dog treats?

There are many commercially available natural dog treat options produced by a variety of companies. You can go to you local pet shop or with our busy lifestyles simply order it online! Amazon, E-Bay, Pets at Home which you can visit or order online as well.

Always read the back of the pack as what can seem as natural dog treat doesn’t have to be. Lot of companies are playing with words to make it look good and healthy. Simply look at the ingredients, there should be only a few and no extra coloring chemicals.

Natural dog treats can be quite expensive so if you have a time you can also make you own ( which we will discuss in other article).

I also like to give my dogs carrots as it helps them to clean their teeth and give them something to do for a while. You can even freeze them so they last longer and in heat wave helps them to cool down.

Blueberries are another great treat for you dog. Blueberries are packed with fiber, antioxidants, and a lot of vitamins. Many studies have demonstrated the benefits of blueberries, and it’s regarded one of the best fruits/berries to eat, ever.

Another treat I like to give my dogs are strawberries, celery, melon (without the rind and seeds), mango (with pit removed), pumpkin, apples (without pips), peanut butter and so on!

So there is quite a few choices for you pooch.

Safety is our number One Priority!

Remember that any treat you give to you dog must be in safe and moderate amounts otherwise it can cause digestive problems. Also, if you dog has a sensitive stomach, you should always contact you veterinarian before different diet approach.

Any treat  you give your dog should be done under supervision as it can cause choking hazard risk and make sure that they always have fresh water available.